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Thursday, April 17, 2003

That, my friends, takes chutzpah.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said on Thursday economic sanctions against Iraq could not be lifted unless the country complied with previous U.N. Security Council conditions.

"This decision cannot be automatic. It demands that conditions laid out in corresponding U.N. Security Council resolutions be fulfilled," Ivanov told reporters.

"For the Security Council to take this decision, we need to be certain whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction or not."

But he said Russia did not oppose the removal of Iraqi sanctions: "I think it is in the interests of the international community that these sanctions be removed as soon as possible."

For 12 years, Russia tried to get the sanctions lifted. In refusing to enforce the Security Council Resolutions they held that Saddam did not need to comply with previous resolutions in order to lift sanctions. By refusing to enforce 1441 Russia showed that they did not care, or already knew, the WMD status of Saddam's regime. And to now say that we cannot rush into lifting sanctions?

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