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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Sorry Naji, with Allied tropps four miles outside Baghdad your shrill screams and threats hold no weight anymore.

"Arab countries should take quick and effective measures, including opening their borders, to facilitate the movement of Arab volunteers to fight in Iraq in that decisive battle against the U.S., Britain and Zionists," Sabri told United Press International in an interview.

He said Arab countries should refrain from providing any logistics facilities for U.S. and British forces heading to the Gulf region to take part in the war.

"Among the measures they can take," he said, "is closing all water passageways, especially the Suez Canal in the face of U.S. and British forces, and closing their air spaces and stop offering their territories as spring boards for launching attacks against Iraq.

Now he wants the UN Security Council to actually do some work.

"If it (security council) does not act, the United Nations will be transformed into a small institution affiliated to the U.S. State Department. Its mere existence will no longer be justified," Sabri said.

Your prediction may be true but, you and Saddam will be long gone before it happens.

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