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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Some 2,000 Iraqis in Iran celebrated, too.

In a traditional show of celebration, they handed out cakes and sweets to passers-by in the Dolatabad district of southern Tehran. Many of the crowd, among them men, women and children, wept with joy.

"It's the greatest joy I have known in my whole life, and I don't think anything could make me happier," said one of the revellers, 34-year-old Balasem Jamil who fled Iraq 19 years ago.

Yasser Jalali said Saddam should be taken to a public square "so that all Iraqis can torture him in public".

There were some disturbing ideas going around though.

"Neither Saddam, nor America, we only want Islam," they chanted, as they danced to Arabic music in the streets of Dolatabad, where most Iraqi refugees living in the Iranian capital are concentrated.

Somehow I doubt the Iraqis, just freed from the oppression of Saddam will welcome the oppression of the Ayatollahs of Iran, whose own citizens are sick of their rule.

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