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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

So after reading Kristof's column today I couldn't help but think of the Simpsons when Homer and Bart become Grifters. In the final scene in the court where Willy has the gun and everything is going to h3ll Bart keeps telling Homer to just come out and say the truth but Homer keeps saying Just wait, I want to see how this is going to play out. In his column Kristof admits that 'negotiations' (i.e. buying off N Korea) is an utter failure but rather than take the path unknown he would rather hide under the table and keep waiting and watching while N Korea builds nukes and as once they feel fully nuclear capable and start moving units across the DMZ Kristoff would still be waiting to see how it was going to 'play out'.

It seems he can only see two paths. Appeasement or War. Maybe the N Koreans can't be pressured into real changes but we don't know that because nobody has ever tried. We've never gotten Russia and China on board with a real effort to put pressure on Kim so how can Kristof know that at the end of that path lay only war? It may but, appeasement cannot go on forever either. Or maybe Kristof just assumes that the nuclear weapons that we will just pretend are not there are just going to be used as paper-weights and that none of their research and capabilities will not be auctioned off to groups that will use them to harm us, so it won't turn out bad if we just play along with Kim.

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