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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Say what?

South African Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma made the statement when speaking during a National Assembly debate on the importance of the multilateral system of world governance for peace.

She said South Africa had diplomatic relations with the Iraqi government, and not with Saddam Hussein.

"It is also very important to take the post-war Iraq back into the United Nations because if we do not do that we face a very real danger of those Iraqis resisting the kind of government they may get," she said.

They'll accept whatever government they agree upon. And I don't think they want a UN enforced bureaucracy that hinders their quickest possible emergence as a newly reborn nation. And I'm sure the close ties your naiton has had with Saddam. Going so far as to state that you choose Saddam over America, South Africa will have no warm place in the hearts of Iraqis.

By the way, this little nugget came at a moment when South Africa decided they will retain their relations with what is left of the present Iraqi government. Besides a handful of diplomats scattered around the globe, I'm not sure exactly what that is.

Members of Parliament across the spectrum argued in favor of the multilateral system of world governance for peace, and the UN's central role in it.

The UN failed to disarm Saddam and it failed to even pretend it wanted to help and protect the people of Iraq. By what right, by what past success should the UN be granted a 'central' role in the "world governance for peace"?

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