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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Sahhaf is on the run.

"They seem to have flown the coop," he said. "About three hours ago I saw the director of the press centre heading north in a car with some aides. There's been no sign of the Information Minister."

Also a little history on the man. Just like Stalin's inner circle he proved his loyalty by giving up family

In 1963 he joined a violent group led by Saddam that targeted opponents of the Ba'ath Party.

He then proved his loyalty to Saddam by revealing the whereabouts of his brother-in-law, an army general and the country's military prosecutor.

His relative was then killed by Ba'ath Party militias, and al-Sahhaf's future was secured.

I hope he's not dead, yet. I want to see his war crimes trial.

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