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Friday, April 18, 2003

Saddam's envoy in Bulgaria weighs in with his thoughts on Saddam's fate.

An Iraqi envoy loyal to Saddam Hussein said Friday he believes the Iraqi leader was killed in the coalition bombing of Baghdad. "I know his character," Iraq's ambassador to Belgrade, Sami Sadoun, told The Associated Press in an interview. "The defense of Baghdad would not have collapsed so quickly if he was not dead."

Sadoun, who headed the Iraqi Cabinet for 25 years, said he lost all contact with his superiors in Baghdad early this month after a U.S. warplane dropped four bunker-busting bombs near a restaurant where Saddam was believed to be meeting with his sons. "Immediately after the bombing, I did not get any instructions. Not even a single fax," Sadoun told AP.

He said that since the April 7 bombing in the al-Mansour neighborhood of Baghdad, "suddenly, there is no more Republican Guard, no more police or defense of Baghdad. "Saddam held all those things in his hands," Sadoun said. "He must have been killed, or everything would not have collapsed so quickly."

Sadoun, who said he met with Saddam several times, most recently in December, said the Iraqi president might have not been killed in he restaurant bombing but in another coalition attack in Baghdad soon afterward. "He was a very careful man," Sadoun said. "He moved around often, eluding his enemies."

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