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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

On the Petulant Reporter Watch.

Journalists in Madrid have snubbed Jack Straw and Spain's prime minister in protest at the death of a Spanish cameraman killed in a Baghdad hotel by a US tank shell.

Premier Jose Maria Aznar arrived at the Senate to find the floor outside the chamber littered with notebooks and cameras and up to 40 journalists standing in stony silence.

Meanwhile, about 20 reporters walked out of a press conference in the capital featuring Mr Straw just one question.

Mr Aznar was targeted again later today when a group of photographers who usually gather round to film him taking his seat in parliament suddenly turned their backs on him and held up photos of Mr Couso. Opposition MPs clapped.

Meanwhile they have nothing to say about the detention, torture and minders that the Saddamites used on the journalists in Baghdad. Bunch hypocritical self-centered children. They are angered over the death of a journalist in a war-zone, yet ignore and wail against the effort to overthrow a regime that brought massive death and despair on 22 million people.

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