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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Of course, UN Resolutions and EU deliberations stretchin for a dozen more years would have meant more victims fed into places like this.

U.S. Marines say they have found photographs of burned bodies and a device to deliver electric shocks in what they suspect is a torture centre used by Saddam Hussein's security services.

The most sinister part of the building is a dark corner room without windows. The only chink of light enters through a gap around a fan.

Five small cells lead off this room and in one of them was a battery connected to an iron rod which Marine Captain Pete McAleer said was "probably a primitive torture device".

"It can definitely create a shock and who knows what they did with the iron rod that was electrified," McAleer told reporters.

A metal chair was found nearby, suggesting a kind of "electric chair", McAleer said.

The dark room "can't have been for good things", McAleer said, adding that it was a "reasonable assumption" that the building had been used as a torture centre.

Also in the building was a long wooden pole connected to loops of rope. U.S. Marines believe the loops may have been designed to fit over a person's neck and arms to prevent movement.

The corner room is now blackened by fire. Since U.S. Marines found the building, local people have entered it and, according to McAleer, deliberately set fire to the room. "I think they're trying to eradicate what was going on here," he said.

"We recovered photographs here that were on the floor in a pile that depicted bodies that had been burned. From the positions of the bodies, it appeared they may have been alive when they were ignited," Jeffreys, of Oxnard, California, said.

Of course Reuters reports this with as much scepticism as they can.

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