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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Norbert Vollertsen, the German doctor doing everything he can to aid the people of North Korea escape from Kim's oppression. For this he lives his life on the run.

Norbert Vollertsen is worried.

He is worried about being expelled by South Korea. He is worried about being assassinated by North Korean agents. And he worries about the Chinese Government.

He moves around, from internet café, to internet café, city hall to tea room.

"Better not stay in any one place too long," he says.

He has some words that should be remembered. For all those who have seen first hand the murder and crushing inhumanity of regimes like Castro's, Kim's, Saddam's, Mugabe's, China's and others, yet remain silent.

"You know about German history. We failed to act when we found out about the Jews and the concentration camps. I do not want to make the same mistake twice.

"What shall I tell my own boys? That I knew about crimes against humanity but went back to Germany, lived under nice conditions and forgot about the starving conditions. No, I will not do that."

And what wil Eason Jordan tell his children? "Once I knew everything was nice and safe I came out from under my covers and spoke out?"

Just wait and things there will change. Just open "dialogues" and understand their differences, right?

"I will never forget the eyes of the children who were dying. They cannot cry any more. They cannot laugh any more. They have no emotional reaction. They have no hope."

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