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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Nice story about the Marines and an Elementary school.

A surprise today at Dadeville Elementary School came in the form of an American flag. Not just any old flag, but one from the front lines in Iraq, one graced with the signatures of a 20 year old Marine and his fellow comrades.

"It's says to all the kids at Dadeville Elementary, thank you for thinking of us," says Linda Hardin as she read a brief note from her marine son. Hardin drove nearly 5 hours from her home in Panama City Beach, Florida, to make this special delivery for her son, which also included a personal message.

"I hope you'll be proud of this flag as were all proud of your letters," says Hardin.

His name is George Toomer. Lance Corporal Toomer isn't much of a writer, according to his mom, but he wanted to something for the children. After all, more than 800 wrote letters to the Marines back in March, offering their support and prayers.

"You're so proud. I would've never thought my son would do something like this," Hardin says.

"It was really cool," says Kaylie Coenen.

The 11-year old 5th grader couldn't be more pleased. She wrote a letter and a Marine from New Jersey wrote back. Kaylie read part of it to us and it said, "I'm writing on the behalf of the Marines to thank you for your support," says Coenen.

Coenen plans to put her letter in a frame in her room at home.

"It's important to me because this is my first letter from a marine," she says.

How unlike the elementary school story out of Maine a few months ago where teachers were belittling childen of parents who were in the military.

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