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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Nice parody.

The Iraqi military has placed a formal complaint concerning Coalition attacks disguised as missiles and bombs. Iraqi Foreign Minister, Naji Sabri, made it clear that he was appalled at America's outright disregard for the rules set forth by the Geneva Convention.

"This is terrorism at it worse. When we investigated we found that most of the bombs dropping in Baghdad were actually camouflaging explosives hidden inside," said the obviously agitated Sabri. "Once landing these bombs tend to discharge, killing or injuring our soldiers, including innocents of the Republican Guard."

The playful Tommy Franks was surprised by Iraqi's reaction to the concealed explosives.

"These guys have to understand that this is war and since we don't have the advantage of suicide bombers, taxis or civilian clothes to dress our soldiers in, we are forced to use these unconventional bombing methods to even up the score. Don't be surprised if we start hiding gunpowder inside bullets that are planned to trespass into Saddam Hussein's brain region," added the General in an obvious poke at the Iraqis' attempts at having Saddam and his brain travel separately for the sake of Hussein's children, Nutsy and Cracko.

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