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Thursday, April 17, 2003

More Saddamite ties to terrorism.

An Iraqi diplomat in Nairobi has been accused of being linked to a Ugandan guerrilla group connected with Islamic fundamentalist organisations.

Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper claimed it had seen intelligence papers with "first hand evidence of ties between Iraq and religious terrorism."

It claimed that Fallah Hassan Al Rubdie, while Iraq's charge d'affaires in Nairobi, held talks with the Allied Democratic Forces, (ADF) which it claimed was a Ugandan guerrilla group with ties to other anti-western Islamist organisations.

The intelligence papers, it said, included a letter to the head of the Iraqi spy agency, in which a senior representative outlined his group's efforts to set up an "international mujahideen team."

Its mission, according to the unnamed official, was to "smuggle arms on a global scale to holy warriors fighting against US, British and Israeli influences in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East."

The letter said the ADF would "vet, recruit and send youth to train for the jihad," at a centre in Baghdad, described as "the headquarters for international holy warrior network."

The letter, dated April 2001, was signed: "Your brother, Bekkah Abdul Nassir, Chief of Diplomacy, ADF Forces."

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