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Thursday, April 03, 2003

More evidence of Saddam's regime of inhumanity.

— The 19-year-old Iraqi war prisoner shook and cried as he was led into a U.S. medical tent at a dusty camp. But it wasn't because he had a gunshot wound in his right leg.

"He thought we were going to execute him," says Sgt. Mark McLaurin of the 3rd Infantry Division's 566th Medical Support Company. By the next day, the boy was saying, "Thanks," and calling McLaurin "Doc."
The young prisoner, like many captured Iraqis here, said he had been forced to fight by Saddam Hussein loyalists who made death threats against his family.

"You put them in the middle of combat, with the Americans on one side and the Baath Party on the other, so they take a gamble with their life," says Mike, a former Iraqi Army officer working as a U.S. military linguist. "They think, 'Maybe there is a 50 percent chance I will be a war prisoner with the U.S., but if I go back to the Baath Party, it's 100 percent sure I will die,' " says Mike, who withheld his full name.

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