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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Liquor prices in Baghdad have been going up.

Hanna Boulos (John Peter), a small store in the mainly Christian area, re-opened on Tuesday, hours after the presidential compound took another battering on Monday night.

"Yes, we raised our prices. Try to find another Heineken in Baghdad," said Akram, the son of the owner as he doubled the price of a half-litre can of imported beer to $3.

Arak goes well with charazat, or mixed nuts, and charazat shops are seeing good business as the air raids keep most people at their homes, in shelters or with relatives.

At Shorjah, an old market within the walls of the original city of Baghdad, Hussein re-opened his charazat shop recently. He brought back a stock of pistachios, nuts and dried fruit imported from Iran and brushed off the city's woes.

"I did not expect the war to be like this at all," he said. "The bombardment has not been as bad as we had thought."

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