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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Is Iran about to send forces into Iraq?

Iran's armed Iraqi-based opposition movement the People's Mujahadeen said that Tehran was preparing to enter the war in Iraq to attack the opposition's camps and seize Iraqi territory.
In a detailed press statement, the group said the Islamic republic's forces had moved 46 army and elite Revolutionary Guards brigades equipped with tanks and missiles to the border with Iraq in the past 10 days.

It also alleged men of the Badr Brigades, the armed wing of the Iran-based Shiite Iraqi opposition group, the Supreme Assembly of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, had infiltrated across the border, in defiance of US warnings.

In a separate statement, the Mujahadeen denied it was taking any part in the US-led campaign to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and described Tehran's hopes that coalition forces would destroy its bases as "wishful thinking."

"The presence of a part of Mujahadeen forces along the Iran-Iraq frontier is only for the purpose of overthrowing the clerical regime and establishing democracy in Iran", the statement said.

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