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Friday, April 11, 2003

Iraqis in Iran attack the embassy in Tehran.

Police said no Iraqi diplomats had been in the building in central Tehran since Thursday. About a dozen police were guarding the embassy Friday, too few to hold back the angry crowd.

"No Saddam! No U.S. puppet regime! We want freedom!" the crowd chanted as it smashed windows, furniture and the Saddam portraits. The scene was similar to television images from Baghdad in recent days showing Iraqis storming government and ruling party offices and destroying other symbols of Saddam and his regime.

"We are destroying some properties at the embassy because they represent evil," said one of the Iraqis, Adibeh Tabrizi. "We will take care of the building and we will not damage it, but we are destroying any sign of the criminal regime."

Another Iraqi, Rana Ashia, had tears in her eyes as she ripped up pictures of Saddam inside the embassy.

"Two of my brothers have been in Iraqi jails for 23 years. Today is the biggest victory of the century for us, to see the criminal Saddam Hussein and his regime collapsing," she said.

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