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Monday, April 14, 2003

I was thinking about the looting of the hospitals in Baghdad. For the most part it seems that the looting was aimed at places that incurred the wrath of the Iraqi people. We also have found caches of medicine, originally meant for the people of Iraq, stored in Ba'ath Party offices. Really, the only time we heard about the hospitals in Baghdad was when they were showing people injured by coalition bombings (so we were told by Iraqi officials and the media that compromised its integrity to be there). Could it be that the hospitals were otherwise off-limits to Iraqis in normal times and were seen as a tool of the Saddamite regime?

Also, when mentioning the looting, I wonder what sort of antiquities that Saddam, his sons and the inner circle of Saddam's regime kept in their homes. Unlike the objects in the museum these would never have been documented, making them very difficult to track should they come up for auction somewhere.

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