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Monday, April 28, 2003

I like this quote from the Dutch Prime Minister in response to the French/German/Belgian/Luxembourgian meeting to discuss a Eu military 'counter-weight' to America.

"Belgium and France will not guarantee our security," Dutch Foreign Minister Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said recently. "Germany will not guarantee the security of the Netherlands. I cannot imagine a world order built against the United States."

I'll even give them some free advice.

The half-day meeting is expected to focus on plans to better coordinate defense spending, acquisition of high-tech equipment sorely lacking in European armies and modernization of forces to give Europe a sharper military edge.

It can all be accomplished by military spending. And if you try to tax the rest of Europe to do it they may not much like it if you plan on making it into your private Club of Four army where Eastern Europe knows when to be silent (i.e. when receiveing orders from Chirac). And Chris Patten's wishful thinking, that the US is going to pay for this force, that you will use to 'counter-balance' (taking the place of the Soviet Union) American military power, is not going to happen.

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