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Friday, April 11, 2003


About 600 Greek daily press journalists marched through the centre of Athens today to protest against the war in Iraq and the death of journalists there. The demonstrators, who left their jobs for two hours, passed in front of the US embassy shouting "Americans - killers of journalists !" and carrying a banner saying "Truth is war's first casualty."

Arrogant foolish hate-filled little blind America-haters. The shriek and howl at America they meekly tread the path that their blinders show them.

No thought for the reporters who have said that they didn't even want to be at the Palestine but did not have a chance. No mention of the imprisonment and intimidation of reporters by the Saddamite regime. No acknowledgment of what Eason Jordan told us today. Just their petty hatred of America. We are in a world where we have no time to deal with such fools. Let them fester in their pools of self-righeous indignation. Let them scream and shout at the wind. Let the truth pass before thier eyes as they ignore it and move about in their echo chambers. We have more important thing to attend to. And in the end, as we have for the past century, their lives will be safer and better at the cost of American (and Allied) blood. And they will hate and resent it.

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