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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

How fitting that the "Palestine Hotel" in Baghdad was once the French owned Meridien.

The 39-year-old San Diego reservist's pleasurable experience aside, the Palestine would not be mistaken for the Ritz - even forgetting its garish 1970s facade. It has lost a few of its five rating stars since opening as a French-run Meridien hotel in 1982.

In 1989, President Saddam Hussein's government threw out its contract with Meridien, took over management of the hotel, and things went "down, down, down," the duty manager said, as cronies and cousins were dumped on the staff. With the U.S.-British invasion that began March 20, it hit bottom.

Threw out the French contract, eh? What was that TotalFinaElf has been saying about its contracts with Saddam's regime?

But the Palestine may already be a target, too, for Iraqi resistance fighters or foreign Arab guerrillas. That's what worries bell captain Mohamed Hashem.

Of course not one of the "Iraqi resistance fighters' has been found to be a...you know...Iraqi.

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