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Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Al-Watan in its Wednesday edition focussed on the reasons behind the rapid downfall of Baghdad regime, contributing it mainly to the lose cooperation of Saddam Hussain's cousin, Mahir Takriti, with the coalition forces.

This daily adds, "Mahir Takriti was in charge of defending the
central parts of Baghdad and Saddam's administration had assigned him the task of exploding all bridges over Tigris, but after getting
assurance from the US commanders regarding his own, his family's and his forces' security, he refrained from performing his duties

According to Al-Watan, one of the Yemenese voluntary militias
that had gone to Iraq to fight the invading US forces said following
his return to Sana: "The Republican Guards, as well as the armed
forces of Iraq betrayed the Arab voluntary forces that had gone to
Iraq to assist them."

The Yemenese volunteer referring to the heavy armed clashes
between the voluntary forces and the Americans at Saddam Airport,
said, "in that battle some 3,000 volunteer Arab militias from Egypt,
Syria, Algeria, and Yemen were defending the airport strongly
alongside with he Iraqi guards of it, but the Iraqis surprisingly
retreated and left the Arab volunteers alone."

And how about a little wishful thinking.

Al-Jazeera, quoting Russia's ambassador to Baghdad, attributes
the quick collapse of Saddam's regime to "the probable death of
Saddam and his deputies in bombardments of Baghdad."

Vladimir Titorenco has further opined, "Saddam Hussain and the
top officials of Iraq's Baath Party were most probably killed in
bombardment of Al-Mansour district of Baghdad, and that is the only
believable possible reason behind the rapid fall of Baghdad into the
hands of the invading forces."

You keep thinking that Vlad. But remember that hit at al-Mansour came when American troops had already entered Baghdad.

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