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Friday, April 11, 2003


A man with no running water in his house made off with two toilets from Saddam Hussein's ornate presidential palace here Friday.

"Now I can sit and [defecate] where that horrible tyrant used to sit and [defecate]," said Martin Farouk, 22, a printer. "I like the idea of that."

"We're only doing this to express our anger after 25 years of Saddam," Farouk said as he nervously guarded his toilets, with their gold-plated flush handles, from hundreds of other looters. "We're taking back OUR stuff. These things belong to all Iraqis."

Another glimpse at the horror of life under Saddam.

The very idea that they could even enter the palace grounds was exciting to many everyday Mosulis. One man said the palace had been so off-limits that he always cautioned his 8-year-old son not to point at the place - or even turn his head to look at it - when they drove past.

"Just being here is like going to the moon," said Omar Nabil Al-Chaderchi, a surgeon. "It's something unthinkable to us. It's like space travel."

To be so afraid that you tell your child not to even look at a place for fear of what may happen?

Some weren't happy about the looting

"How stupid these people are, looting all these things," said Abdulhafel Al-Hafel, 33, a cosmetics dealer who had brought his two young sons to see the fabled palace. "This could be a wonderful tourist site but these idiots are stripping it bare. It's not right. This wonderful palace now belongs to all Iraqis. It should not be ruined."

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