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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Heh. A local family took it upon themselves to protect the Japanese (who supported the war) Embassy from looters.

"We did it because we thought looters would target the building if they realized it was the Japanese Embassy," Monasal said. "A national flag is the most precious symbol for a people. I thought everybody would feel terrible if it were burned or stolen," he said as he carefully unfurled the flag, which was covered with dust and soot.

Looters apparently came by the embassy on many occasions. When they did, Monasal and his 22-year-old son would grab their Kalashnikov rifles and rush upstairs to the second floor of their home to fight off the intruders.

"There were times when the looters returned fire, but we desperately tried to protect the embassy," Monasal said.

Although looters eventually made off with four personal computers and an air conditioner, "the fact that only a few items were lost during such turbulent times is due to the efforts of Monasal and his family," an Iraqi Embassy official said.

"I've lived here for 15 years, and the embassy is an esteemed neighbor," said Monasal. "It's the duty of each Iraqi to protect neighbors. My family is very fond of Japanese people because they are so friendly."

I didn't notice any Iraqi tears shed over the looting and gutting of the French and German embassies.

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