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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Heh, good timing with this letter to the editor.

Furthermore, Iraqis have not asked the USA to bomb their country and depose their leader. They do not want America invading their country, deposing their leadership and putting America's choice of leadership in place. We may believe that is not our intent, but it is undoubtedly how our efforts appear to Iraqis. No wonder they are making a desperate and futile attempt to defend their country against the world's greatest bully - the United States of America - a military might which is 400 times Iraq's.

Wonder if even now as film of jubilant citizens of Baghdad hugging and cheering US soldiers, even Reuters is reporting that US troops are being showered with flowers, this woman will realize just how wrong she is. How long would it have taken to 'work this out' without war? What could we have ever said or done to Saddam, short of military action, that would have made him take the gun away from the head of Iraqis? Which UN Resolution would have finally brought happiness and freedom to Iraq?

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