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Thursday, April 24, 2003

The good Captain discusses how the victory in Iraq needs to be exploited to change the historical mindset of victimhood that holds down Arab modernization. And why allowing the UN and the other "multilateralists" to take over the rebuilding of Iraq would lead to failure. I think he leaves out another important mindset that will be defeated should America go on to lead Iraq to a tolerant modern Statehood. Anti-Americanism.

France, Russia, China, the other failed Arab states and the UN want to get in on the rebuilding of Iraq and make sure the US/UK alliance doesn't have the primary role. Why? If we do rebuild Iraq and do a good job and they turn into a beacon of hope for other Arabs and the Iranians it will prove America right. It will prove, in a manner that the media cannot diminish, that we are benevolent and the system we represent is the best and that the American government, under a Republican no less, is a force for good. If they can get the UN bureaucracy in there to retard any positive advances and keep the Iraqis in a perpetual purgatory-like stste of misery, like they do the Palestinians, they can keep poking at the open wound in Iraq and saying it is all the fault of imperialist evil America. It would be used as a cudgel to beat us into submission now and forever more.

So, not only are Arab despots trying to keep Iraq from being successful for fear of the example it would serve. Going beyond the Arab culture of dwelling on the past century of abject failure this is a fight against the even deeper illness of anti-Americanism. Success in rebuilding Iraq and changing the Middle East based on strong confident American leadership could well be a fatal blow to the forces that want to bind us down and suborn the American Constitution to the UN Charter. It would prove that independent action among a group of nations, with America in the lead, is more capable of bringing stability and peace than all of the UN's Resolutions. It is a fight for the very foundations of the Transnational Progressive agenda.

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