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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Did South Korea try to block the UNHRC from discussing a human rights abuses in North Korea?

Ra Jong-yil, the senior Blue House adviser for national security, said yesterday that he worked last year to keep the United Nations Commission on Human Rights from putting the North Korean human rights issues on its agenda.

Mr. Ra was Korea's ambassador to the United Kingdom in the Kim Dae-jung administration at the time.

He told the National Assembly's Intelligence Committee, "At that time, our priority was to create an environment for improving rights there in the future, not demanding immediate changes. We believed that if North Korean human rights issues were dealt with publicly, it would lead to a worsening of human rights and a security crisis," he said.

North Korea is the worst human rights abuser in the world. How could it be worse? To not discuss it because it may upset Kim to hear what a brutal murderer he is? It would be better to hide it and allow Kim to go on murdering, starving and imprisoning the entire population of North Korea in hopes that privately we can get him to change his ways?

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