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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Dem hopefuls speak ot about Syria.

Kucinich proves he still doesn't get it.

"It appears that the administration is using the same rhetoric and political posturing that led to the unjustified war against Iraq," he said in a statement issued Monday. "Our nation cannot afford this dangerous and aggressive foreign policy. On the heels of war with Iraq, the administration's posturing appears to be putting the United States on a path to war with Syria."

Lieberman and Gephardt stay the tough line.

Jano Cabrera, spokesman for Joe Lieberman, said the Connecticut senator would like to see the United States pursue "aggressive diplomacy."

"In a lot of ways the successful war has given us leverage to urge countries like Syria who have harbored terrorists to stop and to talk to them aggressively about doing so," he said.

"The Syrian government must refrain from harboring Iraqi fugitives, hiding any of Saddam Hussein's weapons or engaging in any terrorist activities," Gephardt said in a written statement. "I agree with the Secretary of State that this problem can be dealt with diplomatically and that Syria runs the risk of having economic and diplomatic sanctions levied against it if it doesn't act responsibly."

Graham does a flip-flop. The war on Iraq? Bad. But, we may need to use force is Syria.

Presidential candidate Bob Graham, a Florida senator who voted against the resolution authorizing force against Iraq, suggested military action against Syria might be necessary.

"We threw a few cruise missiles into the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan . . . that's what we may have to do in Syria," he told the Orlando Sentinel after an appearance during the weekend in his home state.

But Kerry? John Kerry. The guy who wants us to believe he will make a good president? Mr Kerry can't give a statement because he hasn't been briefed about Syria in a couple of weeks. Say what? He doesn't understand the situation in the country right next door to where we are carrying on a war? And he's trying to blame it on the fact he didn't get a briefing on it?

Kerry said he could not fully evaluate the situation because he had not been briefed about Syria in the last couple of weeks.

Public sources have told us for weeks that Syria is becomeing a major nexus in the Iraq conflic. Ba'athist running into it, terroists coming from it and possibly WMD from Iraq being hidden there. And unless someone comes and briefs him on it Kerry can't be bothered to get himself informed?

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