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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

"Cut him to pieces"

Kauther Alsaedy has no doubt what American troops should do if they catch Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

"They should cut him to pieces. No one can imagine how much the Iraqi people have suffered because of Saddam."

Mrs Alsaedy, a Shi'ite Muslim from central Iraq now living in Porirua, knows more than most how ruthless Saddam can be.

In 1994, her husband was among a group of army officers tortured and executed after a plot to assassinate Saddam.

Mrs Alsaedy - then pregnant with twins - was imprisoned by his security forces for two weeks, blindfolded and repeatedly beaten.

The beatings forced her into labour, during which one of her twins died. And she says she was forced to confess her husband's involvement in the plot.

After her husband's execution, Mrs Alsaedy and her nine children fled to neighbouring Iran, entering illegally.

Paying for the services of people-smugglers, she made her way to Indonesia with three of her children. The cost was so high she had to leave six of her children in Iran.

After an attempt to enter Australia failed after she and other boat people were picked up by the Norwegian vessel Tampa, she and her three youngest children were shipped to a refugee camp on the central Pacific island of Nauru.

After six months, their refugee application was accepted and they were allowed to enter New Zealand.

That's the 'regime' that John Kerry drew an equivalence to in his sickening remarks.

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