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Thursday, April 10, 2003

The celebrating Iraqis in Michigan denounced al Jazeera for its one sided coverage.

The festivities turned ugly late on Wednesday when scores of men, among a crowd of about 1,500 demonstrators in a Dearborn park, sighted an al-Jazeera correspondent and his cameraman and began hurling insults at them.

"Down, Down Jazeera," the men shouted angrily, as police moved to surround correspondent Nezam Mahdawi, who had just flown in from Washington to cover Iraqi-American reaction to the collapse of Saddam's rule.

"Go Home Jazeera," the protesters chanted. Police advised Mahdawi and his cameraman to leave for their own security, and they left after a long standoff.

"These networks talk about freedom and democracy but they don't represent freedom and democracy," Mahbouba said. "To the last moment they tried to support the dictatorship regime."

I like how Reuters doesn't add quotation marks to this. Making it a 'factual' declarative. He may have 'said' something along these lines but Reuters didn't feel that it was necessary to put it in as a quote.

Mahdawi, a 37-year-old native of Kuwait, said al-Jazeera was getting used to charges of biased news coverage even as it strives for strict objectivity.

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