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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Castro's thugs are very proud that democracy and the voice of the people of Cuba have been crushed. And in fact, they are bragging about what a thorough job was done. Hello, Oliver Stone? Spielberg? Anyone have anything to say?

An undercover Cuban agent credited with giving some of the most damaging courtroom evidence against dissidents said the island's opposition movement has been shattered.

"The opposition is finished, it has ended, it will never lift its head again," Aleida de las Mercedes Godinez told the Associated Press.

"The opposition will never flourish again -- never!"

Monday's interview with Godinez was the first in a series of government-organized interviews the agents are giving to the international media.

The families of some of the 75 dissidents who were quickly convicted and sentenced to jail earlier this month acknowledged the severe damage caused by the undercover agents, particularly Godinez.

She was a key leader of a coalition called the Assembly for the Promotion of Civil Society and had been allied with the dissidents since 1994, sometimes working even as an independent journalist.

Godinez provided a rare glimpse inside Castro's intelligence network and demonstrated just how deeply loyal his agents were. She said she never felt any remorse or sorrow for her work even though she worked with some dissidents for years.

"Marta Beatriz was an objective of my mission," she said. "I could never be friends with a counter-revolutionary."

Of course the Hollywood elite will say it is America's fault for going and giving the Cuban dissidents ideas about freedom and human rights and living a life without fear of saying the wrong thing. In that case I don't want to hear a single one of those hypocrites complain about "black-lists" "McCarthyism" or their rights. Their own whining about reprisals is a sick joke when compared to what the people of Cuba who speak their minds face. This is the regime and system they so admire, let them go live in it. I will trade a Hollywood leftist for every one of the 75 dissidents locked away to rot in Castro's dungeons.

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