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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

British Special Ops in operations in Basra.

Wearing night-vision goggles, British commandos waded through swampy, knee-deep mud. They slipped into the besieged city of Basra and slowly closed in on their target.

The Iraqi militia leader was in his house, sound asleep, his gun by his side.

"We burst in, kicked the door down and dragged him out," said Capt. Craig Taylor of the 1st Fusiliers Y Company. "As we withdrew, we laid down fire on anything and everything, so these buildings would never be used again."

The snatch operation last week was one of many that British forces have conducted deep in Iraq's second largest city in a war of attrition aimed at Saddam Hussein's Baath Party and militia. The raids are designed to rattle Saddam loyalists and gain intelligence for a future push to take control of Basra.

"It unnerves them," said Maj. Paul Nanson, who leads the 1st Fusiliers Y Company. "The next night they probably don't sleep very well."

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