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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Big Moe, a Free Iraq Force trooper travelling with the 101st, is in ecstasy today.

"Big Moe" was grinning from ear to ear sitting in a garden within the grounds of the ruins of ancient Babylon. He was clutching his handgun while taking in the news about his hometown blaring over the radio. The BBC announcer spoke of jubilation in the streets and people attacking statues of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Big Moe smiled. In days or hours he figures, Baghdad will be free. Big Moe is a hero of the 101st Airborne Division, though just a few months ago he was managing a restaurant in Texas. He is one of a handful of Iraqi exiles who volunteered to join U.S. forces in liberating his native land.

He is a former Iraqi army deserter and a gutsy guy with a gun. But in this tour of duty he is proving invaluable for his skills as both an Arabic interpreter and up-front diplomat for the U.S. forces working their way from town to town in Iraq.

"They say, 'Is it for real, no more Saddam?,' " Big Moe said.

"I cried two hours ago when I saw people happy to see us," Big Moe said. "They can't believe it. I tell them, 'Believe it. Liberation is coming. In two days, we are going to win a new life.' It's hard to put into words how happy I am."

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