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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Ahmed Chalabi wants the UN to keep out. Note the snideness of the interviewer. Why does it seem media is so full of people who cannot ask questions without making sure their ideology is very clear?

Jonathan Dimbleby: "You say that the United Nations should be kept out of this… but that suggests that you think that Britain and America are wrong to say that the UN should have a vital role in this process?"

Ahmed Chalabi: "I that the UN has a limited role in Iraq. They have messed up their previous enterprises in Iraq and the Iraqi people view them as if they are the defacto allies of Saddam, that is the view that is expressed here".

Jonathan Dimbleby: "But if the UN is kept on the sidelines there will be no legitimacy to whatever authority emerges because it requires the UN and the Security Council to authorise whatever emerges from the democratic process in which you are engaged?"

Ahmed Chalabi: "That is false. There is no requirement for the UN to sanction anything. The Iraqi people will decide…. And then the UN will accept whoever is representing the Iraqi people".

Jonathan Dimbleby: "If you are right that leaves the US effectively in the position of deciding whether or not the group that the Iraqi's put together will be recognised?"

Ahmed Chalabi: "No, the US will play a role in that, but other countries also have to make their own decisions".

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