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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Ahhh yes, our Internationalist Elite, assure us that Iran is a place of peace and understanding. It is just that us simplistic and ignorant American cowboys cannot understand the nuance in stories like this

Iranian actress Gohar Kheirandish, who had once kissed a male filmmaker on a public podium, has been sentenced
to 74 lashes but the punishment will remain suspended, press said Tuesday.

The punishment was issued by a court in the central desert city of Yazd, where Kheirandish, in her 50s, had kissed Ali Zamani on the forehead and shook his hand in November while receiving a prize at a ceremony.

See, we are not good post-modern relativists so we just can't understand that this is something we should just accept as part of their culture. Criticising it would just prove what racist imperialists we are.

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