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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Why haven't we seen the dancing in the streets yet?

Baath Party members armed mostly with rifles are feared in Umm Qasr, a poor town of crude mud homes and dirt lanes and posters of Saddam, some of which have been torn down.

''They keep telling the population that the Iraqi army will defeat the Americans and that they will come back here and get us if we don't support the Baath Party,'' said one resident who would only give his name as Ali.

''Saddam's people can kill us just like that. And if the Americans don't win they will be back and they will take revenge,'' said an unemployed Iraqi man, who like others said that giving his name could mean death.

I don't blame them. We let them down once and it cost them tens of thousands slaughtered by Saddam. Right now they are just holding their breath. After more than two decades of living in fear of saying the wrong thing they can look on impassively as the Ba'athists are routed but they will not show signs of celebration until they know there will be no vengence by a still sitting Saddamite government.

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