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Monday, March 24, 2003

What is the SAS up to?

AUSTRALIA'S SAS troops were engaged in "shoot and scoot missions" behind enemy lines and had created havoc for Iraqi troops, army chief Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy said today.

General Leahy said the SAS had destroyed Iraqi military camps and had gained significant intelligence about Iraqi troop movements and intentions.

"The operations they have been conducting have provided invaluable information on enemy movements, on bases and on likely intentions," Lt-General Leahy said.

"Special forces have been active destroying enemy installations either using their own resources, or directing coalition air support for destruction mission.

"Our forces are denying freedom of movement to the Iraqi forces.

"They are generally creating havoc and uncertainty behind lines, and are constantly redeploying in their area of operations.

"We are talking about shoot and scoot missions."

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