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Thursday, March 20, 2003

We may have Tom Daschle but, at least our opposition leader isn't Simon Crean.

The battle over the legality of the Iraq war heated up when the opposition released advice that the use of Australian forces was against international law.

However, Australian troops themselves were not at risk of legal action.

Two opinions commissioned by Opposition Leader Simon Crean contradict the official advice Prime Minister John Howard has relied on in maintaining the US-led action is legal.

Labor's opinions were written by Grant Niemann, a Flinders University law lecturer who worked at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, and jointly by director of the International Law Project at the University of NSW Devika Hovell and the Sir Anthony Mason Professor at the university's Centre for Public Law, George Williams.

Both opinions concluded that the government's decision to go to war was not in accordance with international law. In a separate opinion, Mr Niemann said despite this, Australian forces would not be liable to prosecution.

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