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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Want to know what isin the minds of some of the human shields?

"We are here so that an attack might not take place. The fact that this is a risky place actually strengthens my determination to be here. The power plant is a humanitarian target, because it produces electricity for the population, for hospitals, and water purification plants". Virolainen says.

"I didn't come here to become a martyr. If necessary I am ready to leave this building. The plant has a bomb shelter where we can also go."

So he is using his life to try and protect this building. But not really. A well thought out position

"When people shout slogans in favour of Saddam Hussein, they are actually shouting for Iraq. I do not see this country as a police state. The Iraqi people really are free", Virolainen ponders.

"One thing that has become quite clear to me is that Iraq cannot be occupied. To do so it would be necessary to kill every citizen, because everyone here wants to defend this country to the last."

Repeat that line back to him when the people of Baghdad are cheering in the streets to see liberating forces move in.

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