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Monday, March 24, 2003

Ugandan Church leaders get it.

Christian leaders have added their voice in support of the Ugandan government’s pro-US stance on Iraq.

Archbishop Mpalanyi Nkoyooyo of the Anglican Church of Uganda and Simeon Kayiwa, leader of the National Fellowship of the Born Again Churches of Uganda, said the attack on Iraq was justified.
“Saddam Hussein has been a dictator for too long, committing atrocities even on his own people,” Nkoyooyo said.

He also said the Government was right to support America. He was hesitant, however, about the way Uganda came out publicly in support of the war, which he said could attract terrorist attacks on Uganda. He was emphatic that the war was not an attack against Islam.
Kayiwa said Saddam was trying to turn the clash into a holy war, using words like “infidel” and “Jihad” and calling on Palestinian support. “He’s making the world fear that this is a Muslim/Christian war”.

Asked whether he thought Bush, being a Christian fundamentalist, saw the war as a clash between Christianity and Islam, he replied, “No. Bush is not fighting as a religious person.”

He disagreed with Nkoyooyo on the issue of Uganda coming out publicly, saying it would be cowardly for the government not be open.

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