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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Total complete arrogance and denial. Chirac declares Saddam is no threat. Does Saddam have compromising pictures of Chirac and a goat or something?

"...but, what I can't figure out is...what's with the midget?"

"Iraq today does not represent an immediate threat that justifies an immediate war," he said.

"This is a serious decision, while Iraq's disarmament is underway and the inspections have shown that they were a credible alternative for
disarming this country."

In an apparent reference to North Korea, Chirac added: "This is also a decision that compromises in the future the methods of peaceful
resolution of crises linked to the proliferation of arms of mass destruction."

Ha! It was the French Russians and Chinese who keep telling America to deal with North Korea by itself. They are blocking discussion of it in the UNSC and now say this imperils multilateral action on it.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chirac's office issued a first reaction to President George W. Bush's ultimatum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
which said the world did not back Washington.

Breathtaking. And by the way, a bold faced lie.

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