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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Think about how disgusting Saddam must be if the fatrher of a 14 year old girl still in Iraq takes the view that the only way to make her life better is bombing.

Alhamdany wants nothing to jeopardize the plans of Zaman, now 14 and living with her mother; she wants to be a doctor or lawyer and come to the United States.

Yet he said that the war is necessary for her to have a better life.

"We have to pay for freedom," said Alhamdany, 38.

Also, a good sign.

Advocates for immigrants and Arab-Americans say the program, aimed at eliciting intelligence for the U.S. military, is intimidating refugees. But Al-Faisalawi, 35, said he did not mind the questioning and was willing to help.

"They have the right to ask," said Al-Faisalawi, whose Iraqi-born roommate was also interviewed. "I didn't know anything but I said if I know something, I'll let you guys know."

What I think a lot of people don't consider when the we announce we are interviewing Iraqi immigrants is that these people still talk to relatives at home. They may not know exact military plans as such but just like any oppressed people the underground flows of information are pretty good.

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