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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Speculation is rampant. What will the President announce tonight? Here is my best guess.

I don't think it will be a declaration of commencement of hostilities or an announcement of bin Laden's capture. It is too early for war to begin. That may come next week. If bin Laden was captured there is no way it wouldn't be blaring across the news already. There is no way they could keep a lid on it until tonight.

At best, tonight will be Bush giving us hard Intel information proving Saddam's continuing duplicity (photos wiretaps and anything else we have). Bush would do this to head off Blix's report tomorrow morning. Now that Saddam is dismantling the al Sammoud missiles Blix is already softening and there is a chance tomorrow's report could be really bad news. By doing this the US, UK and Spain could go tomorrow and force the UNSC to vote on the new resolution. "Back Saddam knowing what you heard last night or do what we promised in 1441."

At worst this will be another gut call for support in removing Saddam based on information that we already have mixed with a little boasting about Khalid Sheik Mohammed. That would be really bad and put Powell and Straw in a very uncomfortable position tomorrow.

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