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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Since the networks usually only manage to find Gulf War vets who are against the effort to liberate Iraq, I offer a refreshing contrast.

A veteran of Desert Storm, Bevis was a member of the 336th Postal Unit from Sheffield who spent seven months in Iraq supporting the 18th Airborne.

"We've had our freedom for so long we don't understand living under a regime like that," Bevis said. "Those soldiers, not the Republican Guard, the regular army, they're forced to be there.

"They live in fear of Saddam Hussein," Bevis said. "We can't really conceive that."

While it might take time, Bevis said he thinks the Iraqi people will embrace a new form of government, especially one that doesn't include Saddam.

Gulf War veteran John Butler said a power vacuum could develop if the U.S. does not stay and help rebuild Iraq.

"I wish we had done this back in 1991," Butler said. "But I understand the political reasons for not doing it. It would have caused the whole coalition to collapse."

Like Bevis, Plain said he thinks the people of Iraq will be happy the coalition is ridding their country of Saddam.

"You'll notice that there's nobody joining Iraq in this thing," Plain said. "The U.S. is doing a lot of people a big favor in my opinion."

Plain and Bevis said ousting Saddam from power will have an effect on terrorism.

"It's something to be concerned about," Plain said. "We're a little more prepared for it now, with our intelligence and so forth."

Bevis said he thinks the Iraqi regime change will help to deter terrorism.

"First of all, there's no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein is funneling money to terrorists," Bevis said. "I think there may be some retaliation and that terrorism still exists, but I think we've made a dent in it."

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