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Monday, March 10, 2003

Saddam isn't that close to al-Qaeda, right?

The CIA is warning that members of the al-Qaeda network in Iraq are planning to attack US forces should they invade.
The warning came in a two-page report based on recent intelligence that was provided to policymakers within the last week, according to the official.

The report said al-Qaeda operatives may try to hide among Iraqi civilians in an effort to get close enough to launch an attack. It said US forces could be at risk of attacks with either conventional explosives or unspecified toxins.

Maybe Saddam doesn't know they are there? He should put together a team to assist in the 'search' for such terrorists on his soil. Since he is completely 'disarmed' he can draw from some of the specialists who were 'helping' the UN inspectors look for WMD.

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