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Friday, March 21, 2003

Powell failed with the Turks the last time around. I don't know if he could have gotten that vote but, he is our highest diplomat. It is he and the Department he heads that were responsible for making the case to the Turks last week. He must make clear to them that we will not accept Turkish troops in Kurdistan.

News broke late yesterday that Turkey had agreed to open its air space to US military over flights, enabling American forces to channel troops and equipment into northern Iraq to support a war against Baghdad. But the parliament also laid the ground for the dispatch of thousands of Turkish troops to northern Iraq - something viewed with deep misgivings by Iraqi Kurds who have controlled the area since the 1991 Gulf War.

It could just be that this is an attempt to get us to pay them off not to do it. Their economy is a disaster and they lost out on the package we offered last time. This could be a way of trying to get us to put that deal back on the table.

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