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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

People in Zimbabwe are taking to the streets.

A national strike and anti-government protests began to take hold on Tuesday in Zimbabwe, shutting down stores, banks and factories.
Meanwhile, police fired tear gas to disperse protesters and opposition supporters erected roadblocks.

State radio said police were deployed in large numbers across the country.

National protests were called by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change demanding an end to state repression, economic mismanagement and corruption that they say has left over half the population of some 13 million in danger of starvation.

"We can only take so much and no more. When a people lose their dignity through despair, injustice, hunger and oppression, they have to resort to desperate measures to survive," said one opposition newspaper advertisement, urging action.

The response to the call for "mass action" was the largest since longtime President Robert Mugabe was re-elected last year. His election was denounced by the opposition after international observers said it was swayed by intimidation and rigging.

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