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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

North Korea could be out of food by June.

With the last harvest in October and the next not due until June, food levels were critically low.

"The trees in our compound were trimmed recently and I noticed the bark had been stripped off to be taken away and eaten," said Richard Bridle, UNICEF's representative in Pyongyang.

Two consecutive years of severe floods in the mid 1990s, followed by a year-long drought, set off a near famine that forced North Korea to make unprecedented appeals for international aid.

Unconfirmed estimates of deaths resulting from starvation have reached millions, while as many as 300,000 North Koreas are thought to have fled to China.

Khan said the World Food Program (WFP) only had funding until the middle of the year when its stocks will be exhausted.

WFP will need about 250,000 tons of food, Khan said.

She said the only countries to have responded to the appeal for aid so far were the Nordic nations.

The United States last month said it would give North Korea food aid this year, but cut the amount to between 40,000 and 100,000 tons.

U.S. officials said the WFP sought 611,000 tons last year and got 303,000 tons, more than half from the United States.

Of course it is a drought. Nothing to do with the collectivist policies of the Kim's. Every Stalinist country in history has had famine and 'drought'. Eventually these fools have to get it through their heads that it is man-made. Do you think Kim cares if a few more million starve to death?

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