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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

NATO is reviewing plans to shift US troops to Eastern Europe.

NATO's top commander laid out his vision Monday for a radical overhaul of how U.S. forces are deployed in Europe, which would reduce the American presence in Germany in favor of smaller, less costly bases in Eastern Europe.

The commander, Gen. James L. Jones, said the plans, which were still at an ``embryonic stage,'' would shift the weight of U.S. forces from Western Europe to countries farther east, like Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, which are closer to the post-Cold-War conflicts of today.

``With an alliance that is moving to the east, it stands to me as eminently logical that we will have more contacts with the east,'' Jones said in a briefing in Stuttgart, at the European headquarters of the U.S. forces. ``We will be looking for ways to be more flexible, more agile.''

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