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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Mystics in Thailand weigh in on the possible war.

After thumbing charts and calculating planetary positions, Thailand's top mystics have settled on April 8 as the last possible date for the launch of an American-led war on Iraq.

Mars, the planet symbolising war, was at its closest point to earth in 76 000 years this year so war was inevitable, four top Thai astrologers told a public symposium on Wednesday.

Mars would be at its closest point to earth on April 8, but war could start as soon as the end of March because Uranus was in Aquarius, explained Pinyo Phongcharoen, president of the 6 000-member National Astrological Association of Thailand.

"The United States will win the war but it won't be as short as they expect. It will drag on for months and months," he said.

"At the end of this year Saddam Hussein will be squeezed and toppled by the people closest to him. But it's unclear whether he will die."

"There can be long-lasting peace afterwards, with Jupiter entering the orbit of Uranus," Pinyo concluded.

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